Rules & Regulations for Villa & Campground

1. Check- in Time at By the foothills– Villa is at 1300 hrs; and check out time is at 1100 hrs

2. Check- in Time at By the foothills– Tents & Camping is at 1600 hrs; and check out time is at 1100 hrs

3. By the Foothills- Villa & Tent has Silent hours between 2300 hrsto 0700hrs; so request you to maintain silence during this period; Loud music is strictly prohibited. Please respect the privacy of other guests.

4. Entry to swimming pool is allowed only between 0700 hrs to 2000 hrs during the day. During the Night after 2000 hrs it is not allowed to enter the water.

5. During the Monsoon period; Entry to River is subjected to the permission of By the Foothills Resort Staff. Hence without prior notice to the staff nobody will enter the river water; as it can be risky.

6. Do not Litter around the Villa & campsite.

7. Eating and drinking around the camping site or in the lawn is not allowed. Smoking is strictly prohibited around the camping site as it is a fire hazard.

8. Visitors are requested to eat only in designated Restaurant area; hence no food is allowed to be taken away and consumed at any other place in the resort. Cleanliness in the resort premises is everybody’s responsibility; so we can enjoy the hygienic environment all together.

9. Entry to the kitchen is restricted for guests

10.Use of narcotic substances is strictly not allowed in the resorts premises.

11. Timings for the food served in the resort is fixed as below:

12. Guests are requested to gather in the designated area of Restaurant/Barbeque on time; so you can enjoy the Hot and delicious meal.

13. The Kitchen will be closed from 2300 hrs to 0700 hrs; hence after 11 PM no food items can be purchased.

14. The Menu for each meal is fixed by the management. Hence no on demand food can be prepared

15. Please note that since By the Foothills is located in a remote rural area; electricity load shedding is regular here during the monsoon; hence in such situations Air conditioners in the villa rooms will not work for certain time. We have placed inverter at the resorts hence Fans and other electric equipment such as lights and bulbs will remain operational.

16. In the situation where Air conditioners have not worked for the entire duration of your stay due to load shedding and you had opted for AC rooms; we will consider your billing for Non AC Rooms and difference in the cost will be refunded to you.

17. In case of additional food items purchased from resort’s Kitchen; visitors are requested to clear the bill before you check out from the resort.

18. Additional Bill for items purchased at resort is requested to be cleared only by Cash payment at the check-out counter in the lobby.

19. Books can be borrowed for reading from the lobby; kindly request you to keep at the same place once the reading is done; so the other guests can enjoy the reading too.

20. Kindly Note; Do not pluck any fruits and flowers from the trees planted in the resort premises.

21. Management Reserves the right to deny service to anyone and evict the guests if found misbehaving or creating nuisance.

22. Please reach out to the nearest staff if you need anything.

Thank You….Have A Fun Time!!!!