'By the Foothills', there is a lot to enjoy for everyone belonging to different age groups from our families and friends. From leisurely strolls across endless acres of safe and idyllic trails inside and outside the farm to rustic village walk… A bullock cart and bumpy tractor ride to a dip in the monsoon river just flowing outside the compound…. Or standing at the Viewpoint Bridge for hours looking at the beautiful Sahyadri mountain range overlooking the crystal and clear river water or sleeping under the tents at night and gazing at the stars above….

Swimming Pool at By The Foothills

Swimming Pool

Our small private swimming pool overlooking lush green landscape of lawn is enough to provide you the much needed fun & entertainment and the feeling of perfect retreat from a busy day in the city. You can enjoy for hours in the blue waters of pool with your loved ones. Small manmade water splash fall inside the waterpool is a highlight to get in for.

Indoor Activities at By The Foothills
Barbeque Facilities
Garden Lawn Tent Stay Near Pune - By The Foothills
Mango Orchard Farm at By The Foothills

Mango Orchard Farm

“By the Foothills” is a Farm Villa hence it surrounded, by organic mango cultivating farm along with few other tree plantations such as Pineapple, coconut trees, etc..enjoy your stroll around this farm sprawled amidst 03 acres of land.

Viewpoint Bridge at By The Foothills
Trekking Activities at By The Foothills

Trekking Trail to Mrugagad.

Just at a walking distance of 0.5Kms from our resort we have small hill fort called as Mrugagad. we arrange a trek to the fort Mrugagad for guest with Guide, It takes about 01 hr from the base village to reach the top of the fort.The route passes through dense forest with large Mango trees. The rock cut steps on the western ridge of the hill, leads to the top of the fort. There is a small empty rock cut cave on the northern edge of the fort, but the steps are very short. There is no water available on the fort, so it is advisable to carry enough water along with you.

Rappelling Activity at By The Foothills
Rice Farming Experience at By The Foothills

Rice farming Experience.

Lets Become a Farmer for some time!!! Come and let us show how rice is grown on our farm, experience the life of farm and try your hand and rice farming in our Farm. Immerse yourself in the rice planting experience and see if the art of planting crops makes you happy at heart!

Bullock cart Ride at By The Foothills
Bullock cart Ride Experience at By The Foothills

Night Bullock Cart & Walk with Lantern Trail. (Winter & Summer)

Imagine how exciting and thrilling it will be to have a night walking and Bullock cart ride with lantern in rural side. We can arrange this in a starry summer or winter night to bring a fun in your activities around your resort.

Kayaking Activity in winter
Cycling Experience at By The Foothills

Cycling Experience in an around the resort. (Paid activity)

How nice feeling it will be to stroll around the beautiful surrounding area in the breezy morning by the cycle and take the enjoyment of pure nature. You can rent a cycle from our store for a hour or a less and have a complete stroll around the village. Believe us it's one of the best and amazing acticity we could enjoy around the By the foothills.

Stargazing in Winter & Summer - By The Foothills
Team Building & Offsite Training Activities - By The Foothills

Team Building & offsite Training activities for corporate groups

We also arrange Team Building & offsite Training activities for corporate groups with Projector facility in our resort premises. We can organize a wide variety of year-round outdoor team building events. Each of the activities, games and ideas we use is designed to mix risk-free challenges with pure, unbridled fun. Just add sunshine.

Karaoke Nights at By The Foothills
Mrugagad Trek - By The Foothills


Just a walking distance from “By the Foothills” fort Mrugagad starts, and it takes around one hour to see it. On the way to the top, there is a cave which is bit tough to ascend. There are some water tanks and a small pond on the fort. There are some water tanks on the summit. We can find some remnants of old houses. Since Umbarkhind and Waghdari can be seen from the top, it was used to keep a watch on these areas and the surrounding villages. The way to the fort is through the dense forest along the valley between the fort and the adjuscent mountain and then a small rock patch lead you to the carved steps. A pinncale of Moradi stands tall to the east of this fort.

Amba River - By The Foothills
Imagica - By The Foothills


A 300 acre Theme park in khopoli; Best amusement park in Mumbai is just 23 kms away from “By the Fothills”. A fun frolicking, joyride of life awaits you! In the form of Theme Park, Water Park and Snow Park, Enjoy the great rides of imagica filled with adrenalin and excitement. A perfect lavor to your weekend celebration!

Ballaleshwar Temple - By The Foothills
Umberkhind - By The Foothills


This is a place where Battle of Umberkhind took place on 2 February 1661 in the mountain range of Sahyadri near the city of Pen, Maharashtra, India. The battle was fought between the Maratha under Chhatrapati Shivaji and the Kartalab Khan of Mughals. The Marathas defeated the Mughal forces. Mughal forces consisted of 35,000 men, while there was just 1,000 light Maratha cavalry. The battle is known for the strategic manner in which Shivaji deployed his forces and rapid movement that his cavalry was able to achieve. The memorial celebrating this mammoth battle win of Maratha Army over Mughal dynasty is standing with glory here.

Sudhagad Hill Fort near Pune - By The Foothills