• Garden View Farmhouse Near Khopoli for Picnic - By The Foothills

    Garden View Room
    ( 02 Adult Guest )

  • River View Farm House Near Pune for Picnic - By The Foothills

    River View Room
    ( 02 Adult Guest + 02 kids )

  • Hill View Farm House Near Mumbai - By The Foothills

    Hill View Room
    ( 03 Adult Guest )

  • Backpacker Holiday Villas Near Pune - By The Foothills

    Backpacker Room
    (04 Adult Guest)

  • Glamour Camping Near Pune - By The Foothills

    Glamour Tents
    ( 03 adult guest )

  • Important Things to Carry at the Camping

    1. Mosquito repellent spray

    2. Warm clothes for the night

    3. A towel and an extra change of clothes.

    4. A water bottle ( Yes, they can be refilled at the campground & Villa)

    5. Light comfortable clothing for the day

    6. Toiletries

    7. Flashlight

    8. Footwear - Comfortable slippers for your stay at the camp, shoes for nature walks & night trails

    9. Personal medication

    10. An empty bag to store your wet clothes

    Camping Tent Etiquette

    1. Strictly no footwear and NO eating, drinking, cooking or smoking in the Tent.

    2. Don't put any weight on the tent (clothes or anything else) - the tent poles can snap under even a little vertical weight.

    3. Pay extra attention to tent zippers - they are quite delicate and they keep the mosquitoes out

    4. Please take care of the tent and keep it clean it is your “room” in the campground.